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For most, a garden is something that can only be enjoyed on warm summer days.

But outdoor lights can dramatically transform an uninviting exterior into a colourful extension of your home at the flick of a switch.

So let there be light, and remember tulips aren’t the only type of bulbs you can use  to brighten up your very own ‘garden of eden’.


The main benefits for the homeowner of installing garden lighting are:

  • Security – A properly lit garden will deter burglars.
  • Atmosphere –Highlight key features of your garden, such as flower beds, shrubs or a water feature, so they can be enjoyed all year round whatever the weather. An outside wall covered in climbing plants will look completely different in the evening  when bathed in light.
  • Safety – As well as improving your house’s appeal, and giving a cosy first impression to visitors, a well-lit garden and path will reduce the risk of accidents when leaving or arriving home.
  • Entertainment – Patios can be used for barbeques or parties, day or night.
  • Environment – Low energy LED bulbs do not require a lot of electricity and can last for years.
  • Investment –Enhancing your garden will add value to your home and create a sense of added space to your living area.

It is important you give adequate time to designing your outdoor lighting before ‘planting’ your bulbs.

Less is often more – you don’t want your garden looking like a busy airport’s runway.
You should have different light switches for different needs – you may want the whole garden lit up when you are entertaining guests in the patio but this won’t be the case if just want to show off a new shrubbery on a winter’s evening. Instead, decide what your garden’s best features are and focus on illuminating them.


Whether you require an addition to your existing outdoor lights or to install a new outdoor lighting system, offers a complete service from design to installation.

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