Below is a list of different areas of work I undertake:

  • Re-wiring

I undertaken re-wiring of whole houses but more often the work is required for a room at a time, for example when a new kitchen is being installed and you need plug and light connections moved, changed or added.

  • Security Lighting

For peace of mind more and more people are installing automatic security lights that will light up the back, front and side of your house when they detect movement.

  • Garden Lights

Lights in your garden can make a beautiful garden usable later into the evening, they are especially great for barbeques.

  • Downlights

Downlights are used inside and out side houses. On the outside they can be installed under the eves of the house, and inside almost all rooms can benefit from the back lighting of down lights.

  • Phone & TV Points

Most house don’t come with enough pre-wired outlets for phone, TV, cable, or internet connections. I can help install more connections in all the rooms that you need them.

  • Storage Heaters

There is a large percentage of homes in Ireland using electric storage heaters. I can fix, install and maintain these as required.

  • Electric Showers

Need a new shower? I am an expert at installing showers and wiring.