October 21, 2013

 What is a Storage Heater? A Storage Heater is an electric heater composed of electrical heating elements surrounded by ceramic bricks, which are further surrounded by a layer of insulation, and then the heater cover. The heaters consume electricity at the cheaper off-peak night time rate to heat these ceramic bricks. They ‘store’ this heat until

May 13, 2013
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  For most, a garden is something that can only be enjoyed on warm summer days. But outdoor lights can dramatically transform an uninviting exterior into a colourful extension of your home at the flick of a switch. So let there be light, and remember tulips aren’t the only type of bulbs you can use 

November 27, 2012
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Home security alarm systems can be divided into two types – the cable system and the wireless system.  Both systems have advantages & disadvantages and a survey of the house would be required before deciding which system to install. A basic alarm system would include sensors on all entry doors, sensors on windows that are easy to access. A monitored alarm